CRA Examination Management 

  • Supporting your CRA Examination  --  including pre-examination preparation (entry letter compilation, pre-examination self-assessment), on-site examination support and post examination remediation
  • Using internal bank systems to assess existing CRA performance levels—including data maintained in a variety of different platforms
  • Identifying qualified Community Development activities that fit within your institution’s marketing and sales goals
  • Establishing budgets to control expenses associated with CRA compliance costs
  • Preparing CRA briefings for management and the Board of Directors
  • Developing or reviewing Policies and Procedures 
  • Assessing compliance with CRA technical requirements such as signs, notices and the CRA Public File

CRA Performance Analysis

  • Understanding performance context for your institution to help regulatory agencies understand the environment in which you operate and your institution’s strategy
  • Managing and reporting data—including preparation of internal management reports you can use to easily assess performance gaps in your CRA compliance program

CRA Data Integrity Process Review

  • Managing core system conversions and CRA data
  • Reviewing core system extracts to ensure maximum capture of reportable loan transactions?  
  • Reviewing data integrity programming and process flow 
  • Simulating regulatory data integrity sampled examination
  • Supporting emerging data integrity requirements

Community Development Activities 

  • Reviewing credit requests to identify community development loans
  • Identifying profitable community development investment opportunities
  • Analyzing community development investment opportunities
  • Engaging employees in community activities that support your CRA compliance goals—and collecting that information to demonstrate your institution’s positive community impact 

CRA Training 

  • Conducting CRA training at all levels of the organization-from the Board of Directors to the teller line
  • Conducting community development loan identification training for loan officers
We have flexible fee structures for one-time or annual analysis or ongoing (retained) support.

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