May 18 2017

I am a nonprofit, I don't have to worry about business income, right? I received my exemption status, so I am exempt from all taxes, right? I can just let my accountant worry about these subtleties so I can focus on my mission, right? 


Do you know how to differentiate between your related and unrelated business income? Unrelated business income tax (UBIT) is a tax that all nonprofits could be subject to depending on your activities.  It is not enough for you to deliver on just your mission, your stakeholders... your funders, your clients, and yes, the IRS, expects that you effectively manage your business too.  

Here is an excellent article from the Guidestar Blog: UBIT: What your organization should know by Friedman LLP

Is it time to pause and focus a little on your business?  UBIT-cha!  


Aug 20 2016

Did you know that in 2015 total charitable contributions totaled $373.25 billion?  Did you also know that 71% of the contributions were from individuals?  The single largest contributor to the increase over last year year, was in increase of $9.77 billion in giving by individuals.

Does your fund development program mirror national statistics? 

To learn more and to inform your fund development programs, check out Giving-USA's website here:

You can download free reports and share them with your financial committee and board members!  

Ready, get set... friend-raise! 

Apr 27 2016

The National Council of Nonprofit's Financial Management Resources

The National Council of Nonprofits has compiled a plethora of resources to support your nonprofit's pursuit of sound financial management.  There are an abundance of resources tailored for executive directors to support operations and also for board members to help manage their fiduciary responsibilities.  

Click here for access to the resources:

Happy counting,

Linda and Brian





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