Oct 09 2013

Brian and I both attended yesterday's HANO conference  and had the pleasure of reconnecting with our nonprofit sector friends and colleagues. We left inspired…

  • During one of the keynotes, I was mortified to hear that the annual NYC inmate cost exceeds four years at Harvard! What? So I looked it up this morning still haunted, yep, it's true. Check out this post: Report: Annual NYC inmate cost exceeds four years at HarvardI probably knew this or heard it before, but yesterday, it sank to my core.
  • And you thought the Federal Reserve Bank was shut down! David Erickson shared great thoughts on people, place and purpose on a whole new level with an overview of his book "Investing in What Works For America's Communities." He shared an outline that most of us would usually gloss over such as policy change, financial innovation, data & measurement and new institutions, etc. etc etc but no… it all boils down to this… our bodies (our health) are the sum of your life's challenges and opportunities. Intuitively, we may have already known this, but this time, it had new purpose. Our people are only as healthy as our communities. We can't educate, inspire, and raise productive citizens through standard community development initiatives if we don't start taking on a holistic view how housing relates to jobs, education, transportation, health care and other ancillary services. Yes, we are in fact winning battles but not the war. We have more work to do...

Check out Hawaii Community Foundation's 2012 Nonprofit Industry Study, and remember YOU are part of a $5.2 billion industry that keeps our Hawaii moving forward!

So what works in Hawaii? You... every day… for showing up, for caring enough, for serving our communities... one person at a time.

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Brian and Linda