May 18 2017

I am a nonprofit, I don't have to worry about business income, right? I received my exemption status, so I am exempt from all taxes, right? I can just let my accountant worry about these subtleties so I can focus on my mission, right? 


Do you know how to differentiate between your related and unrelated business income? Unrelated business income tax (UBIT) is a tax that all nonprofits could be subject to depending on your activities.  It is not enough for you to deliver on just your mission, your stakeholders... your funders, your clients, and yes, the IRS, expects that you effectively manage your business too.  

Here is an excellent article from the Guidestar Blog: UBIT: What your organization should know by Friedman LLP

Is it time to pause and focus a little on your business?  UBIT-cha!